Extended Metaphor Poem

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Chase Osborn

English 1 – 4th period


You might think I’m just

a 15-year-old normal high school

guy, green eyes, brown hair

nothing special

I know I’m not an all-star athlete

or even a highly academic student

I am a train. When I’m down, and

the black sludge of sadness and stress

is seeping from my engine, when my gears are grinding

and I’m falling apart,

when I’m late for arrival and my

passengers are wanting to disembark

this train of depression,

my crew comes along,

replaces my worn, defeated, broken parts with new ones,

fixing me up and getting me going once more

Once my trusty crew has me up and running again,

I’m chugging along on the tracks of life,

amazing the people I pass by, making them happy

and I too am happy.

Then day after day, I enter the station,

fix my parts, refuel my engine,

and start the day new once more.



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Chase Osborn

English 1

April 1st, 2015

The Importance of Persevering Through Every-Day Life

Ed throws his hands in frustration, and he slams a few keys on his keyboard. Suddenly, the code he’s been working on for weeks works better than ever expected. Because Ed persevered through his failures, his eventual success saved his career. It is important to have perseverance because it can lead to achieving a greater goal, and becoming a role model of success for others.

Although people may be enduring different hardships, people will eventually achieve a greater goal. For example, Marines that were fighting in the Middle East had to endure the tragic loss of friends and brothers. Even though Marines endured many failures, some finally achieved their goal of coming home. Also, just like “The Red Pony”, Jody endures death left and right, before he finally has a horse of his own, and is ultimately closer to winning his father’s approval. Jody goes through losing horses to various reasons, but when he finally get his own colt and teaches the colt how to be led, and harnessed, his father shows a brief moment of pride and approval.

Just like achieving a greater goal, perseverance can make role models of success. Just like Doodle in “The Scarlet Ibis”, Doodle wants to be big, tough, and strong, like Big Brother. Brother goes through the failures of losing all his chances of having a normal brother, but when he realizes he loves Doodle, that’s Brother’s own success. Even though he knows he can’t be normal, Doodle tries his best to make his brother happy. Personally, my own little sister looks up to me, because of all the things she’s seen me fail but continue trying nonetheless, such as supporting my family, friends, and even strangers.

From Ed saving his career, Jody finally getting his horse, and Doodle looking up to Brother as a role model of success, the importance of perseverance is staggering because of achieving bigger goals, and becoming role models of success.


Difficult Times

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Chase Osborn

English 1

January 10th, 2015

The Stress of Difficult Times on Normal People


Difficult times can have many effects on people. Every day soldiers ignore fear and death staring them in the face, and do what is needed. Everyday people can do tremendous actions in difficult times they never would have expected to be in. Difficult times can be bearing however people can show tremendous acts of courage, and the situation they’re in can show a person’s true self.

Difficult times can cause people to show tremendous acts of courage against all odds. Marine Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter shielded his fellow Marines from a grenade in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Kyle was at war, one of the most difficult times a human can go through. He was scared for his life and the life of his friends,but ignored the fear and showed acts of true courage, doing what was needed to be done. If he had known that he would survive the blast and go through years of surgery and physical therapy, he would still do it because he knew it must be done, because the difficult times made him know exactly what to do. Also, difficult times can also bring out acts of courage in everyday people, not just soldiers. Mothers have been known to lift cars to save their children in a car accident, and police and firefighters just doing their everyday job. Therefore, difficult times can make people forget about consequences and fear, and give them the strength to do what’s right.

Also, difficult times can also show a person’s true being. For some people difficult times can show how adaptive, honest, strong, and caring they are. They can show resourcefulness, and think of ways to overcome their struggle that nobody ever would have thought of. On the other hand, it can also show the worst in people. Some people may lie and cheat their way out, and some may just disappear when their friends need help. Sometimes they may just lie down and give up when they’re the ones in a bind. So, from showing the best qualities to the worst, difficult times bring out a person’s true self.

Therefore, difficult times may make people forget about their fear or the consequences, and do what must be done, and can also show a person’s true being, for better or for worse.


Choose Your Own Prompt Essay

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Chase Osborn

English 1

April 27th, 2015

The Risks and Dangers of War Upon the Human Body and Mind

Pre In the TV series “The Pacific,” a battle is shown of Gaudacanal, an island on which the Marines sustained heavy casualties from the Japanese. Many who survived were either wounded physically, or mentally. One scene depicts a marine suffering from the “1,000-yard-stare,” and he is just staring gaunt faced into the distance. In our world today, many people think the job of a soldier is only physically threatening. I believe that a career in the military is the most challenging because of not only the physical danger, but also the mental stres

In the TV series “The Pacific,” a battle is shown of Guadalcanal, an island on which the Marines sustained heavy casualties from the Japanese. Many who survived were either wounded physically, or mentally. One scene depicts a marine suffering from the “1,000-yard-stare,” and he is just staring gaunt faced into the distance. In our world today, many people think the job of a soldier is only physically threatening. I believe that a career in the military is the most challenging because of not only the physical danger, but also the mental stress.

Just as everyone knows, physical danger is obviously prevalent in every day of a soldier’s life. For example, during boot camp, a recruit’s body is pushed further than he or she would have believed possible. Sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, and severe pain is what recruits go through daily. However, they learn that they are capable of graduating from boot camp as long as they believe that there is no quitting, giving up, or failure. In addition to boot camp, once soldiers are actively deployed, they face the dangers of getting shot, maimed, and killed. Frequently shown on the news like Fox, CNN, or ABC, people in the Middle East will blow themselves up in a suicide bombing. They target United States embassies, soldiers, and sometimes random buildings, and are often looking like just normal civilians. Therefore, a soldier’s every day life is filled with danger and possible death.

Also, many veterans suffer from mental diseases. For example, experiencing atrocious acts of war and inhumanity can cause a person to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. For many of us, we think we can only be harmed physically, but that’s far from the truth. Events can not only damage our body, but also our mind, causing us to constants think about that event and have severe mental breakdowns. Certain events as simple as a car backfiring can send a war-torn-veteran into a severe mental breakdown, and cause him to act like he’s right back in the war again. Also, many of the soldiers who hold a leadership position, such as a platoon, squad, or fire-team leader, can feel responsible for every injury and death of their men. If one of his men were severely injured or even killed due to the leader’s decision, he may feel such immense guilt that it can make him step down from his command. Despite what many people think of physical danger being the only risk, the minds of our protectors are at more risk than their bodies.

Just as the Marines on Guadalcanal who were wounded, killed, and traumatized, soldiers pay the price for our freedom with not only their lives, but also their minds.


Cell Phone Effects

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Chase Osborn

English 1

February 10th, 2015

The Effects of Cell Phones on Today’s Society


Imagine going back in time and explaining to a man from the 50’s, for example, one of the most significant pieces of technology from your time. “In my pocket, I possess a device that can give me infinite wisdom and knowledge, but all anyone uses it for is to watch funny cat videos, almost all day.” After they get past the shock of a time-traveler, their head might just explode. Although cell phones have the capability of being used for great things, like most luxuries, they are misused or not used for their full potential. People’s lives have been severely affected by cell phones, and can be used for great knowledge, but most people have developed a severe over dependence.

On the silver lining, cell-phones have unlimited access to the internet, which in turn has unlimited access to knowledge. All that is needed is a few light taps, and you can be on college websites that you can learn hundreds of things from. Astronomy, physics, calculus, and sometimes even quantum physics, can all be learned. Also, kids can use their cell phones as a study guide or homework helper. The kids can being doing their English, algebra, or even Spanish homework, and utilize their cell-phone if they run into a mental speed bump. Not to cheat and look up answers, but to look back at previously learned lessons, how an equation is solved step-by-step, or how a certain literary device is used. Therefore, cell phones are great advances on people’s lives because they offer so much knowledge for free.

On the other hand, today’s generation has been severely affected in a negative way, forming a great over-dependence on cell phones. All over the streets, people are walking down sidewalks with their faces glued to their phone screen, not paying attention to their situation around them. Accidents involving pedestrians being hit by cars is rising as more and more people use cell phones, because they’re focusing more on their phone instead of the real life around them. In addition, if their phones are taken away from them they become socially awkward, because they’ve spent so much time on their phone all of their social skills have been demolished. I’ve personally been on a date where the girl was paying more attention to her phone than me, and whenever she got off because she could tell I was disgruntled about it, she was socially-awkward, and became a sort of shy, nervous wreck. So, cell phones have led to a downfall of social activity and have created certain high risk situations.

In conclusion, cell phones have had a generally negative effect. It has the potential of being a wonderful piece of technology, being used for learning, but they are mostly abused and have become a social “safe zone” for people when they don’t know how to carry on a conversation.



Job Cover Sheet

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Chase Osborn

320 Rainy Street

White Oak, Texas 75693


[email protected]



CPU Wholesale Computer Parts

106 E Loop 281

Longview, TX 75605


Dear Manager,


I love all things computer and technology wise, and I’ve had good experiences with your store in Longview. When I saw that you were hiring at your store, I knew I would love to have a job at place where I’m comfortable and knowledgeable about the store’s retail.

Building computers has been something I’ve been doing since 2011, slowly upgrading my cheap 200$ computer. After installing a new CPU, replacing the RAM, an SSD, and a new GPU, my computer system’s worth was buffed to around 1,000$. With the experience and knowledge of computers and it’s core components, I would do excellent at a computer hardware retailer.

I would love to speak with you about a position within your business and show you the benefits of hiring me. I love to build and use computers, and helping others build their own ‘dream-machine’ would creates memories I could never forget. My cell is 903-409-1875, and I’m available after 3:30 on the weekdays, and any time on the weekend except from 11-12 on Sundays

Thank you for your consideration.



Chase Osborn


Job Resume

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Chase Osborn

320 Rainy Street

White Oak, TX 75693

[email protected]

cell: 903-409-1875



I desire to work in a computer repair / retail business.



 White Oak High School, White Oak, Texas

2014 – Current (Expected graduation 2018)



Breeding Assistant, East Texas English Bulldogs                                                                                               2013 – Present

Hawkins, Texas

  • Cared for puppies
  • Assisted with birth
  • Carried the dogs to and from Spencer’s Veterinarian Clinic in Gilmer, TX.


Volunteer, Longview Fire Department Christmas Toy Drive                                                                                              2014

Longview Fire Department, Longview, Texas

  • Helped unload food, toys, clothing, and anything that generous adults donated.



  • AB Honor Roll 6th-8th grade
  • 1st Division in every White Oak Band contest since 2011
  • Co-District Football Champions in 2013-2014 school year (3-way win/loss tie)
  • 3rd place in area competition for Parliamentary Procedure in FFA



  • Computer Gaming
  • Computer Building
  • White Oak Band, Clarinet : 2011- Current
  • Football : 2009- Current
  • FFA
  • Aspiring to be join the United States Marine Corps
  • White Oak Athletics – Football, Golf, andTrack



  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher
  • Ability to assemble and disassemble computers



Randy Whatley – White Oak Band Director – [email protected] – 903-291-2060



Alcohol Project

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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (1)

Smoking Machine

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